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Susie MacMurray is a British artist whose work includes drawing, sculpture and site-generated installations. Formerly a professional musician, MacMurray returned to school to study art at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated with a Masters degree in Fine Art in 2001. Since then, she has achieved international status and has been exhibited widely in galleries and museums. She lives in Manchester, England.

An engagement with materials and with the human body is fundamental to MacMurray’s work. Her role is one of an alchemist: combining material, form and context in deceptively simple ways to stimulate both physical and cultural associations. She has gained a reputation for poetic site-specific interventions in architecturally significant spaces, typically referencing the historic identities of these environments.

Drawing is an important aspect of MacMurray's work. In addition to her large-scale pen and ink images of gauze and hairnets, she extends the normal definition of "drawing," though the use of unconventional materials – rubber tubing, hair, wire and wax.

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