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Personal Spaces

March 1 – 30, 2019

Kyle Coniglio, Bear with broken ankle, 2019
Kyle Coniglio, Star Gazing, 2019
Kyle Coniglio Ghost, 2018
Anthony Cudahy, the photographer, 2018
Anthony Cudahy, pink ian, 2018
Zoey Frank, Berlin Window #3, 2018
Karen Lederer, Bad Feminist, 2018
Karen Lederer, Darwin Hybrid, 2018
Karen Lederer, Gemini, 2018
Rebecca Ness, Nap, 2019
Rachel Rickert, The Haircut (III), 2018
Rachel Rickert, Soft Boundaries, 2017
Rachel Rickert My Mountain III, 2018
Hiba Schahbaz, Self Portrait (Reading), 2019
Hiba Schahbaz, The Artist's Studio, 2019
Logan T. Sibrel, Sean, 2019
Logan T. Sibrel, Hoser, 2017
Logan T. Sibrel, Ode To, 2019
Aaron Skolnick, Reclining, 2018
Aaron Skolnick, Amir, 2019
Aaron Skolnick, Louis in his Scarf, 2019
Aaron Zulpo La Fanciulla del West, 2018 

“What is most personal is most universal” – Carl R. Rogers


Danese/Corey is pleased to announce the opening of Personal Spaces, curated by Associate Director Brent Auxier. Included are ten artists whose figurative paintings draw inspiration from their everyday experiences and their most personal relationships.

By choosing to depict moments of grand significance as well as those quiet and mundane, these artists offer glimpses of their individual histories through the illustration of their human connections, rich interior lives, and emotional landscapes. Serving as confessional visual diaries, the paintings in Personal Spaces represent the artists’ relationships with those most cherished, intimate reflections of themselves, and exploration by means of their craft. By expressing these personal truths through the vehicle of painting, these artists edify the notion that the individualized is truly the most ubiquitous.


Participating Artists:

Kyle Coniglio

Anthony Cudahy

Zoey Frank

Karen Lederer

Rebecca Ness

Rachel Rickert

Hiba Schahbaz

Logan T. Sibrel

Aaron Skolnick

Aaron Zulpo