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William Tucker at the ADAA Art Show

William Tucker

Meru, 2017

cast bronze with patina

99 x 84 x 78 inches 


For this year's Art Show, Danese/Corey will exhibit a single, monumental scultpure by William Tucker.

Tucker’s richly and extensively modeled sculptures seem to have been been dug from the earth – monumental artifacts exuding a kind of primordial identity. The spirited, highly expressive surfaces with their dramatically variegated patina augment the sense of ancient, even prehistoric character. Upon closer inspection, they transform into recognizable shapes – a voluptuous torso, a clenched fist, a horse’s head or the foot of a god. These associations are all in some way heroic,...the gouging, pressing and kneading of the surface create an enormous sense of exertion… To demonstrate the ability of sculpture to provide both an external and internal perspective, in other words to offer an experience that feels in some way whole, Mr. Tucker has had to consider the fragmentation that has been characteristic of sculpture since Rodin. (Michael Brenson, The New York Times, 1987)